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Changing the Atmosphere


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There is a great opportunity to see a revival in the East Bay area. What it will take is leaders with hungry hearts for God,  who do spiritual warfare in prayer.  It will take a spirit of unity and a revival of personal holiness in the believers. 

True Authentic Christianity. 

We hereby call all churches to pray.  Let's change the atmosphere over the East Bay. 

Old Promo Video - explains the vision
The John Marsh Prayer Breakfast

The Tragedy

3 weeks after completing the home,  John Marsh was murdered. 

This is part of our history that can't be overlooked.

The Solution

On a memorial day weekend,  we will be gathering together as a group of churches to cancel the curses of the past,  and declare a new godly and positive future over Brentwood and the surrounding regions. 

Little Girl Praying
John Marsh Home_edited.jpg
John Marsh Home_edited.jpg

This is the original home of Brentwood

John Marsh was really the founder of the Brentwood region.  He had a vision for agricultural development in the area which has remained to this day. 

Sat Morning 27th May 
Memorial Day Weekend
8:00 - 10:00 am
50 Birch St, Brentwood, CA 94513
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